Johnny Combat Vented Boot Coyote

Hot weather operating has a unique set of difficulties. Dressing for the mission often requires difficult choices between protection and breathability. Walking that fine line is the hallmark of the Johnny Combat Vented boot. This tactical boot features a rugged engineered upper with micro-venting, allowing hot air to escape while keeping debris out. A mid-cut height provides excellent comfort and improved fit. The rubber toe, heel, and eyestay provide outstanding durability and performance. While the Strife warfighter bottom unit has both the traction and cushioning required for a day at the range, on-duty patrol use, or a full deployment cycle.

-6” Rugged micro-vent knit chassis for breathability & durability
-Rubber heel & toe overlays for durability
-Reinforced toe box
-Strife™ warfighter bottom unit
-10mm heel to toe drop
-High volume forefoot for foot splay under load
-Weight 2.1lb/960gm
-U.S. veteran designed & developed
-1-year workmanship & materials warranty